“Dark Justice” Review



If you’re tired of the mundane Saturday Night Live attempts at humorous satire then I would highly suggest Dark Justice. Its simple, effectively funny, and just a good watch.

Dark Justice is a six part web series with each episode ranging from five to six minutes and follows the only black cop in a small town full of obnoxiously wacky characters. Struggling not only to understand the dense amount of stereotyping and racism, but to survive it as well. Not only is the show satirically refreshing but its funny as shit.

The show definitely sets a foundation to build off of and can really do well if it shifts focus on more creative characters and more strange entanglements that our protagonist, Johnson, has to deal with.

That being said…

…its not filmed with any fancy equipment but is in “good enough” quality to be visually acceptable. But Dark Justice is a good example that you don’t need to rely on professional filming when you have a good story, funny characters and good writing. So, you’re never really disengaged when it comes to the quality its really in.

If you haven’t seen Dark Justice yet, and you’re looking for some actually creative satire, then I would suggest checking it out on FunnyorDie.com .

Dark Justice 9/10




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